Victor is an investing coach and owns his own coaching business. However before he met marc, his company sales were not consistent throughout the years in business. Today, not only has Victor found clarity and direction in himself and his business, but he is also personally guiding his own investing community.

Eugene started his business with zero student. Although he attended many courses, he lacked clarity. After Marc helped him, he had 42 students in a few months.

Before he met Marc, Andrew had fears about sales which stopped him from progressing in his business. Furthermore, he struggled in prospecting to his clients. Today, not only has Andrew see results in his business, but he has also gotten the momentum and confidence to guide his business forward.

Thaddaeus is a 6-Figure CEO. After Marc helped him, his team became more productive. Furthermore, he felt more excited to wake up every single day for his mission.

Jasreel was a 9-5 Auditor and she felt burnt out to the point where money does not motivate her anymore. After joining one of Master Implementers’ programme, she became the Interim CEO of a >35,000 environmental community

Kevin is a speaker and entrepreneur. While scaling his business, he started to feel anxious and burnout. After Marc's coaching, he became more purposefully productive, impactful, and profitable

Terence attended many Facebook lives and felt overwhelmed by information. After attending Marc’s 2-day workshop, he had more clarity and saw more results in his life

Edward spent over RM 20,000 and instead of getting to the next level, he felt burn out. After Marc helped him, he got promoted in his job and have more energy in his daily life

Even though Mae attended a lot of webinars, Mae felt frustrated and unfulfilled. After Marc helped her, she won the best video award in NYC x NAS academy. Right now, she is getting paid for her content designs.

Rae is a speaking coach. Before working with Marc, she would find herself in a constant state of burnout. It wasn't until she started to understand the roots of it and surprising solutions that she found that gist again to help her clients even more.

Tee Kay was a hardworking Auditor, but he didn't know much on the necessary steps he should take in order to be on the path of his own success. After joining Master Implementers, he went from earning 4 digits to 6 digits in just less than 6 months!

Jerica was an aspiring Productivity Coach who has been exposed to the space a couple of years already. Acknowledging that she has the right information and the passion to help others, working with MI finally helped her launch her own program.

Janet Law is a Reading Specialist, a Certified Diagnostic Clinician, Special Needs Educator-Tutor and etc. She wanted to launch her own book, do more and be more accountable with what she wanted. After working with MI, not only was she successful with launching her book, but even became one of Amazon’s Best Seller.

Hazel is a Company Trainer. She came to a point in her life where she felt like she lost her drive and her day felt very robotic. After working with MI, she was able to reassess her priorities, gain back her drive and so much more.

Jeffrey Chew is an experienced digital marketer with a decade of expertise in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.When the pandemic hit, Jeffrey struggled to find clarity and direction. After working with Master Implementers, he achieved an impressive milestone of earning a five-figure income within a mere three months of enrolling in the program.